Our Team

ComputChem builds technologies to aid pharmaceutical companies in the successful development of new drugs. The company was launched in 2018 in partnership with researchers from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and Stony Brook University. Our skilled team is dedicated to building on their innovative work, toward the mission of improving computer-aided drug design tools and techniques, so that no drugs fail clinical trials.

Carlos Simmerling

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

Carlos Simmerling, Ph.D., brings deep insight into the challenges of simulating complex biomolecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids. He has extensive experience in the development of efficient methods to sample energy landscapes, and has created state-of-the-art protein force fields that are among the most widely used in the field. Dr. Simmerling is a professor in the Chemistry Department and the Marsha Laufer Chair of Physical & Quantitative Biology at Stony Brook University.

Quynh Vo

Product Development Scientist

Quynh Vo, Ph.D., is a chemical engineer with extensive expertise around molecular dynamics simulations. Dr. Vo brings experience in computational modeling, high-performance computing cluster management, numerical methods, data analysis and visualization, algorithm development, neutron activation analysis, and analytical techniques. She has also served as an academic lecturer on the subject of chemical engineering.

Nathan Nimbargi

Marketing & Sales Specialist

Nathan Nimbargi is a life science sales professional with experience leading sales and marketing efforts for companies developing novel technologies in the drug design space. He is a mechanical engineer and a trained research scientist, and brings an understanding of the needs of both scientist inventors and their customers.

Kelli Booth

Managing Director & CFO

Kelli Booth provides sales, marketing, and project management expertise. Booth has a proven track record of building new science- and technology-based businesses, establishing business partnerships, and bringing new products to market.

Ken Malone

Managing Director

Ken Malone, Ph.D., provides leadership and business operations expertise. He is a serial entrepreneur who has engaged in the commercialization of hundreds of new products. He brings broad experience from 25 years in business operations, marketing, intellectual property management, M&A, finance, and government affairs.